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by posted 05/18/2018
Easton Ghost X (30 inch, 20 oz.) bats are no longer certified

WFBLL Families,

Please note that the Easton Ghost X bat with dimensions of 30 inch, 20 oz. is no longer certified by USA Baseball for use in WFBLL.

If you happened to purchase this bat for your child, you can call Easton at 1-844-531-7079 or email at  , and they will issue you a mailing label to return the bat and will provide you with a $500 voucher to use on any Easton products.  

Please keep in mind that the only bat that was decertified was the 30 inch, 20 oz bat.  If you have a 31 inch or a 29 inch bat, those appear to be legal as of now.

by posted 05/08/2018